Our Concierge Services

As a member of our practice, you’ll also have all of the following benefits

Unlimited Access

You receive excellent medical care all the time. You can reach out to Dr. Jain by phone, text, or email, any day, any time. 

Relaxed, Extended Visits

Our appointments are designed to provide ample time for all of your concerns and questions, ensuring that you never feel hurried. Developing a strong rapport with your physician is vital to understanding your healthcare, which is why we prioritize personalized medical attention.

Same Day & Next Day Appointments

You can forget the days of calling for an appointment and hearing that you have to wait for months (or weeks at the very least) to see your doctor. You will be able to see Dr. Jain when you want!

On-Site Blood Draws

No more taking time out of your schedule and going to the lab, and waiting there forever for your turn. You can get your blood drawn right in our office.

Advanced Lab Testing Included

Your annual physical examination includes advanced lab testing (cardiac, inflammatory, hormonal, diabetes, iron parameters, vitamins). Many of these are not typically covered by insurance. But you don’t need to worry about that, because we’ve got you covered. These tests are included in your membership fee.

Personalized, Proactive & Preventive Care

Dr. Jain focuses on the 3 Ps – Personalized, Proactive, Preventive care – for his patients, rather than simply reacting when problems arise. He will conduct a comprehensive annual physical for you every year, where he will go over not only the problems you have, but also the problems you may be prone to developing because of your family history, your genetics, your medical history, your lifestyle… He will order the tests and labs that he believes you need, unfettered by the restraints of either insurances or big medical institutions.

Experience the Difference

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"Dr. Vivek Jain is a highly professional, intuitive and caring physician who always takes time to listen and reassure his patients. I am amazed at his prompt response and attention to detail. He never rushes through any appointment and goes above and beyond to support his patients. Being of an age that values human touch, I opted to meet my physician in office so as to be seen and evaluated in real time. I am always appreciative of the care of Dr. Jain. I was especially grateful for the time he gave, the encouragement he provided, and the genuineness of his care. That the system allows for the practice of slow medicine is to be valued. We feel blessed to be part of the system."



"I wanted to take a moment to write to ... express my gratitude and infinite appreciation for the care Dr. Vivek Jain has provided my late Father and now my Mother these past nearly 20 years.   We have not thanked him enough... He is a beacon of hope, grace, and dignity."


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